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The Marvel Hotel (Shangyue Qingnianhui Binguan) is located beside Huaihai Road,  Nanjing Road and People's Square. As a result,  it enjoys convenient access to all nearby attractions within Shanghai's city center,  transportation networks and plenty of shopping opportunities.
This Shanghai hotel offers a variety of room types ranging from superior rooms to suites. [View Detail]

住客评论 1399条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • liyi63102205
    Don't know don't know don't know don't know don't know don't know don't know
  • seaflower
    Price is very affordable location, excellent room facilities very good health services are good every time you come to Shanghai to live here
  • yang15253545
    Good geographical location, the Center! the hotel entrance is too small, for a long time before we saw it! is the room too small, oppression!, air conditioning is too loud, warm air is too hot, there is no free parking!
  • e00128820
    Good location, great lunch meal very affordable. public areas need to improve is sanitation, floor and elevator lobby had opportunities to improve health conditions in a ... nice!
  • everwill
    Prices are very cheap, the surrounding environment. hotel services are not fault
    Generally nothing special nothing special a little disappointed too old than Jin Jiang Jin Jiang price you might as well live so bad nothing special nothing special a little disappointed too old or worse than Jin Jiang Jin Jiang value for money too, you might as well live
  • annafanglove
    Location is very convenient
  • ljjepri
    Good location, and Jinjiang brand. However, I think I like this hotel make a suggestion, too sloppy cleaning, bath in so obvious a few curly hair are not clear, as evidenced by other small places, slippers no is 2 days in a row are not mended. serious working attitude deserves scrutiny!
  • a645918631
    Very good, very fond of this classic hotel, facilities were good, the key is very good location.
  • andriydini
    Good location, very close to the new world, will be able to walk, hotel room, everything else can also
  • yongfff
    Hotel is good, featured, service a bit, breakfast is not very good.
  • cpoe1 mountains edge
    Rooms a little bit depressed front desk very good check in at night when I go to sleep a little light has been flashing =
  • gupanli
    Super bad service, hotel decoration, very noisy, all renovated air pollution and, as a subsidiary of Jin Jiang hotels, when there is no informed under renovation, staying is very crazy noise. what services it is not responsible for, I knew absolutely no choice here, spend more than 700 buy Sin one more night.
  • e01077834
    Old hotel, rooms are very small.
  • blirenv
    Nice, next time-
  • e02017609
    Foreign colleagues are satisfied with
  • meitetugen
    Hotel in the city centre, next to the Metro, which is very convenient.
  • criticnews
    Very good
  • solgel
    Good location, convenient!
  • So`need
    Traffic conditions permit comfortable
  • descendants dandy
    Very good! also consider staying at this later!
  • Miya-n
    Location is great
  • lili4321
    Nice! I ve never met before, super clean and safe
  • amdjj
    Has history of hotel, styling has features. location very good, Center of Center. around catering shopping is convenient. upgrade of room overall good, bed is comfortable, but bathroom has smoke taste, socket also is less has some. front desk service also needed enhanced service consciousness, forget has to breakfast coupons, first not since check, but questioned I have set containing early of, also no apologized, small details not too comfortable.
  • jiangnan2020
    From Shanghai railway station sat Line 1 line to square, turned Line 8 line 1 station road to world, 1th, export, out left 20 meters to door. I grandfather is old Shanghai, young Shi often access here, zhiqian called sin bridge Christian youth will, door is unlikely to, but looks is substantial, with stone base into, stepped with Watergate Ting ground, see with huge of landing Windows, window Shang of heating out outlet, all let people has has through of feel. room is unlikely to, but decoration good, wall is thick, Noise is good, feel is a seat fortress. wants to with opposite of Shanghai Racing will, next door not distance of big road, to five road, Fuzhou Road Shang of workers Department Council, Hamilton building, Bund customs building of red, back when Shanghai Beach ten in miles is faction thriving of scene. adventure home of paradise, has Huang Jinrong, du yuesheng of thick black, also has Sassoon, hole's family of legend, has Zhang Ai-ling's, deal of romantic, also has party and concession of footprint. Shanghai XINGChina-Wang, civil-rich country strong!
  • ppcyp
    Evaluation of other friends, very convenient location, next to the train station and the airport railway, than taxi time fly! Time tense before the surrounding new world, next time I go to live here!
    Restaurant as before, food variety, quality, price, and still can't sign
  • E00323887
    The location of the hotel is very good, Shanghai Concert Hall and Museum are convenient, Subway Line 8 line directly downstairs behind Hotel Yunnan road, a street snack, very good; next time you come to Shanghai to reconsider.
  • DuoDuoDingDing
    Many foreign friends, and did not feel outside, walk don't have a flavor, very good
  • bibbia
    Overall nice, that is, without breakfast
  • cao19870806
    Good, very satisfied, good service of the staff
  • aynieyao
    Each time you come to Shanghai to live it, comfortable, convenient! good service!
  • allure1219
    More convenient transportation, hotel to go out is to turn right subway station, hotel is the agricultural Bank of China, old buildings, old Shanghai flavor in the lobby is very strong, and playing a lot of places around, very convenient.
  • cayee
    Really liked this hotel, though unremarkable appearance, but has a connotation of internal! is it true that even the flowers!
  • Nordson
    Good environment, good service
  • E02499370
    Room clean, go out the snack Street. it is convenient!
  • yeungallan
    Traffic is very convenient, just two minutes in the subway, this lot at this price great! nice, like, recommend!
  • e02386516
    Location very good of a hotel, on in world Metro station above, from 1th, export out left turn go several meters again left turn go several meters on to has. diagonally across the is Shanghai Museum, is worth a see. Hotel behind is Yunnan Road Street, reminded everyone must note, Shanghai of many hotel a floor just snacks, II floor to order, like five Fong fast of three silk on both sides yellow on only Shang II floor only can points, small Shaoxing a floor only chicken and porridge, eat rice are to Shang II floor.If you are in a building is not to end up, even if you are on the second floor à la carte.
  • ansontoty
    Very clean, noise bad. very central location, the store is the people's Park, Shanghai Museum, walk more than 10 minutes to Nanjing Road pedestrian street.
  • albert_wy
    Convenient service good
  • cnpcsm
    Location is good, eating, playing more convenient, just five years old breakfast was to buy a ticket, which is not very good!! whole nice! great
  • gracydong
    Great, downstairs is busy, glitzy Tibet road, the room was old Shanghai style and cheerful!
  • BovyYang
    Building classical charm, luxury decoration can be seen when the Hall, room brand new, good pattern.
  • AtlasCopco
    Good location, convenient, convenient for business, tourism, and surrounding restaurants a lot, Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road and is close to the business district, and can be reached on foot.
  • beautyfinder
    Shanghai classical everything good
  • e04153353
    And at the front desk attendant service, clean room, location is very good, convenient, downstairs is the subway, have the opportunity to go to Shanghai will continue to stay.
  • lbf1214
    Also, toothbrush a bit hard, breaking the wall
  • leijunfan
    Location of the hotel, is located in the business community. Hotel interiors comforts, clean!
  • apolloxc
    Locations is good, traffic also convenient-8th, Metro on in next, food select also many, various type and grade are has. room is big is quiet, especially like shower and bathtub separate. I of flights to of late, phone Hou, also help I free retained has. just staying Shi found sheets Shang has one or two root hair, shower nozzle Shang also has, but front desk reception Miss soon help I for has.
  • longlongyiyi99
    Very satisfied